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The deplorable thing about your huge day is that it is, well, one and only day. Luckily, the right wedding photographer can perfectly save the whole occasion's happenings, the feelings, and the fun—until the end of time! One immaculate picture can in a split second take you back to the happiest day of your life, and one flawless collection can turn into your most loved end table book.  With regards to expert photography, most shutterbugs begin by shooting weddings. This can mean wading through a great deal of forthcoming contracts before you locate an ideal choice for you. Aside from all these things the locations for this great purpose also counts because it's your big day and you need to make it memorable. 

I shot at the Tides Estate


My name is Michael NicolosiI shot at the Tides. Well if you haven’t heard about the Tides, then you should because The Tides Estate is one of the best wedding venue in New Jersey. It’s got seven acres of beautiful garden and top class Gazebos, and beautiful scenery to take perfect pictures for your special day. 

My recent clients were Grace and Osmond, the wedding took place on December 12, 2015. I must say they were one of the best clients I have worked with. When they first approached me they had a lot of questions in mind as their big day was approaching they wanted things to go right. Yeah, I was aware of the fact that everyone woke up on their wedding day with the same feeling "I hope everything goes fine today". Every new couple has the same feeling and they want their wedding day to be a memorable one. I told them about everything and after talking to me they were relieved that they had come to the right place.

As a photographer I understand the needs of brides and grooms, they want great symbolism from their wedding, period. They need the unscripted minutes caught, yet they likewise need a photographer that can get exceptionally imaginative amid a representation session. That is the reason couples all over are wearing their wedding delicacy and sliding into holes, as well as diving into breakers, strolling through relinquished event congregations, meandering through cornfields, wading into woodland streams and pursuing other wild interests in an inexorably prevalent custom at Tides.

At Tides Estate all those needs of the couple are met. It’s not a secret anymore, anyone in New Jersey probably knows about the best venue for their wedding i.e. The Tides Estate. The address is 1245 Belmont Ave, North Haledon, NJ 07508. 

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